Towing and Recovery

We are the solution to your roadside problem.Whether you need an emergency tire change, a tow to a local repair shop or your vehicle needs to be recovered from a highway accident, our team of emergency responders are ready to respond with a moment’s notice. Count on the best specialists in towing and roadside recovery [...]


Battery Service

Preventive battery maintenance is important. If you have a discharged battery, you are stranded. That’s why it’s important to keep your battery free of corrosion. Contact us and we offer you the best service. The battery of a car is a fundamental and essential part of the heart of it. Good maintenance may be saving [...]


Tire Changes

When your tire is punctured or busted on the side of the road, it is stranded until help arrives. It may be stuck until help arrives. Even then, you may be paying unreasonable rates for road service. We can help you solve it. Do you need fast and efficient tire change services? Maybe you were [...]



If the battery runs out anywhere in Madison, WI, The Torres Towing quick start service may be your best option. Our road rescue team has the right tools and experience that you are looking to start any car or help you with any other inconvenience along the way that may cause you discomfort. We understand [...]


About Us

We always say that the biggest value that we have as a company is that we understand our role. We know that most people that are going to call us are not having a good day. As a matter of fact, we may have to accompany people in some of the worst days of their entire lives.

It is very simple, we care about what is happening to you at this point in time and we want to figure out how we can help. This is something we are not just writing down. So that those of you reading this think that we are very sympathetic. These are the ideas with which we send all of our operators onto the streets. They are the same ideas that all of our customer service staff has to have. We are a company that was built to figure out ways that we could help you out. If you want to prove that what we are saying is true just gives call!


The Torres Towing
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Lucy Nicole
Lucy Nicole
Fast, on time service, didn't try to charge an arm and a leg like others when I was only going 1.5 miles down the road.... Great Service!read more
Jeff Peper
Jeff Peper
polite on time and fair pricing.
Esteban Criado
Esteban Criado
This is a fast and truest service, very good price it’s recommend 100%

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